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How 9JaAlert Works

How It Works

Below is how 9Jaalerts.com works

Many people have been scammed by massive earning scheme of sites, which enticed them to join not knowing its a plan to lure them in.

*9jaAlert is exceptional*
_we won’t promise what we can’t fulfill_ .

*Summary of how it works*

Sign up bonus =₦150

Daily login =₦70

Sharing of Sponsored Posts= ₦120

Viewing of News =₦4

Well constructed comment ₦1

Per click on referral link ₦2

Submit news ₦50

Referral bonus ₦1000

Weekly quiz= ₦500

Weekly giveaways of ₦500, ₦1000, ₦1500, ₦2000 to the top earner. ?

*Minimum Withdrawal ₦5,000(1,000 Refferal Earning+4,000 activity earning)

Payment is every Friday and Saturday

Withdrawal portal will be open every Teusday from 6am to 3pm on wednesday


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